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Change in the organizing committee

After more than 20 years in Organizing committee of Pho­to Mün­sin­gen to step Ni­klaus Mes­ser and Ru­dolf Mäus­li back. The new president will be from July 1, 2021 Urs Hin­ter­mann responsibility for the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen take over.

Ru­dolf Mäus­li and Ni­klaus Mes­ser were with the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen with it. Ru­dolf Mäus­li as president, in the exhibition department and in the competition, Ni­klaus Mes­ser especially in the areas of sponsoring, marketing and communication. In the video they look back, say thank you and pass on the presidium Urs Hin­ter­mann.

Club competition «Urban»: Ranking announcement by video

On Wednesday, May 12th from 19.00 p.m. we will announce the winners of the photo club competition. The ranking announcement on a small scale takes place in the form of a video on this website.

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 cannot take place due to the pandemic. However, the organizing committee decided to let the tableaus of the club competition on the subject of «Urban» be judged anyway. The ranking is announced on a small scale. The handover of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award 2021 will take place in the form of a video and will open on Wednesday, May 12th from 19.00pm this website broadcast.

After the digital ranking has been announced, the club rankings and all 60 submitted tableaus are posted on the website of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen released. All participating clubs will receive the “Urban” competition catalog after the lift.

To the Photo Münsingen Award 2021

Photo Münsingen 2021 canceled and postponed

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen from 13-16 May 2021 has to be canceled again due to the pandemic and postponed to the Ascension Day from 26-29 May 2022.

The organization team has been planning the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021. Protection concepts were drawn up on the basis of the specifications and coordinated with the authorities, the program was adjusted with all parties involved and the communication measures were redesigned. The team has waited until the end, hoping that easing a physical one Pho­to Mün­sin­gen would have made possible. Various alternative scenarios were also examined. However, the legal requirements, the situation and development force us to cancel it again and postpone it to 2022.

Last year a team did one Pho­to Mün­sin­gen created virtually and offered a highly regarded competition “Living and taking photos in times of Corona” as well as online training courses and interesting reports on photographic topics.

At Auffahrt, on May 13, 2021, the competition works of the 60 photo clubs on the subject of “Urban” will be posted on the website and the winners of the «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award» announced.

The organization team plans to postpone the planned program again and carry it out during the Ascension Days 2022 from May 26th to 29th, 2022. It thanks all contributors, sponsors and partners for their work and encouraging support.

We hope and continue planning

In about two months it would be ready: From May 13th to 16th it will be Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 planned. Although there are silver lining on the Corona horizon, further requirements would have to be relaxed so that the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen can be carried out with protective measures.

Nevertheless, the team is motivated and would like the photo world to be a physical one Pho­to Mün­sin­gen present. The organizing committee therefore decided at its meeting at the beginning of March to continue all preparatory work for the time being.

An comprehensive protection concept has been created and is constantly being updated. If the official requirements are met in May and the situation allows it, we look forward to welcoming you to Münsingen for the Ascension Days.

Here's a first look at the program ...

Photo Münsingen 2021: A first look at the program

Hopefully the time will come in three months: the will open from May 13th to 16th Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 their doors. We are confident that we will be able to catch up with the 2020 program with a protection concept and slight adjustments. A first look at the planned photo exhibitions.

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2020 had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. Instead we have that Pho­to Mün­sin­gen vir­tu­ell created with a competition and many online entries. Now we hope that Pho­to Mün­sin­gen from 13 to 16 May 2021 in the beautiful Schlossgut area and the interesting encounters can take place physically. We have a comprehensive one for that Protection concept Developed. Of course, we will only hold the Photo Münsingen if the official requirements are met and the situation allows it.

Focus on sports photography

We were able to take over most of the 2021 program from last year. Sports photography is a focus. Six exhibitions are dedicated to different sports:

The focus is again on club photography: 60 teams compete at the «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award» on the subject of “urban”. The photo clubs out Muensingen, Riedisheim and Kirchzarten exhibit pictures on the topic of «transparency». The Pho­to Su­is­se shows the best and award-winning pictures from the annual competition.

Creativity and the pandemic

There are also creative photo exhibitions, including: Elena Martynyuk (RU) with the themes 'Elephants', 'Fat Girl' and 'Fantasies', Brigitte Aeberhard zur Poetry of blurring, Csaba Balási (RO) with his Winter story, Harry Lieber (DE) for Fine art architecture photography and Werner Richners (DE) Ma­gic Mo­ments.

The digital one Photo arena offers ten photographers a platform to present their series of images on 12 screens.

And our way of dealing with the pandemic is also given space in an exhibition. The 20 best pictures of the competition «Live and take pictures in times of Corona» be at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 Exhibited creatively and in conformity with corona in the Schlossgut area.

With the single axle to the North Cape

In the audio vision 'Totally crazy' reported An­dre­as Zim­mer­mannhow he drove to the North Cape with the single-axle tractor. Further audiovisual productions are every afternoon in Füür­wehr­saal presented on the big screen.

Reserve the ascension days from May 13th to 16th!

Preparatory work for Photo Münsingen 2021 started

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2020 unfortunately we had to cancel. At the beginning of September, the organizing committee got to work to show the program planned for 2020 in spring 2021.

In the next few months, the various departments will contact the exhibitors and partners and the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 run up. At the same time, we develop possible protection scenarios.

Reserve the ascension days from May 13th to 16th, 2021 for the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021.

By the way: This year there was a small replacement «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen vir­tu­ell» with the photo competition “Living and taking photos in times of Corona” and interesting links. Here you can read the «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen virtuell»…