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The audience's favourites

"Customs" was the theme of the Competition for photo clubs um den Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award 2023. After the jury at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen can 'official' ranking announced, also had that during the four days of the exhibition audience the opportunity to vote for your favourites. Now these are counted.

The following tableaus went down best with the audience:

Photo Club Fricktal Moving tradition 562 votes
Photo club Sense CHAPEAU! 395 votes
Photo club Thun Fulfillment 325 votes
Münsingen photo club charcoal burning 300 votes
Photo club Rapperswil-Jona And tomorrow a king... 284 votes
Photo Club Lucerne fondue fun 274 votes

The competition theme for next year is already known: the Photo Münsingen Award 2024 is about “music”. Interested photo clubs can register for the competition until August 31st register.

The diversity of Photo Münsingen 2023 was well received

Various aspects of water photography and the topic of "customs" in the competition of the photo clubs were the focal points of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023. The organizing committee is extremely satisfied with the four days of the exhibition.

 "Great atmosphere, ideal exhibition weather, large audience," is how OC President Urs Hintermann looks back on four successful exhibition days. The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023 was very well received by both visitors and participants.

"I received a lot of feedback, almost all of it positive," Hintermann said on Sunday afternoon. Especially the innovations like the photo book competition, the U25 Pho­to Chall­enge or the additional exhibition venues, there have been good reactions.

The visitors seemed to appreciate the festival atmosphere and the exchange: the guided tours and lectures by the photographers and experts present met with great interest.

The organizing committee thanks the more than 100 helpers as well as sponsors, patrons and partners. Among them the main sponsors Nikon, Bookfactory and Foto Video Zumstein.

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2024 will take place from May 9th to 12th, 2024.

To the photo gallery of Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023...

The Photo Münsingen Award 2023 goes to Appenzell

"Cowwalk" is the name of the winner tableau Photo Club Competition for Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023. The Photo Club Appenzellerland convinced the three-person jury. A total of 47 teams from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries took part in the “Customs” competition.

The jury praised the "modern, striking image conception" of the winning tableau. The work plays with details and is characterized by a colorful and fresh way of presentation, she writes in the exhibition catalogue.

This year the jury consisted of Susanna Brändli, Guy Jost and Roland Steffen. "The spectrum of submitted images is large and appropriately reflects the diversity of the subject," the three judges summarized. Many works are on a similar level, only a few have dropped in terms of effect, implementation or technical quality.

Second and third places go to the Sense photo club with the tableau «CHAPEAU!» and the Fricktal photo club with «Bewegte Tradition». The Thun Photo Club («Fulehung»), the Brown Boveri Baden Camera Club («Celtic Rough Nights») and the Dietikon Amateur Photo Club («Alpabzug») follow in fourth to sixth place.

All tableaux are exhibited at Photo Münsingen in the Schlossgutsaal. There, visitors can also judge the work of the photo clubs and win nice prizes. Six winners will be drawn from all the talons submitted. Vouchers from Nikon, Foto Video Zumstein and Bookfactory are waiting for them.

The competition theme for next year is already known: the Photo Münsingen Award 2024 is about “music”.

Lectures, audio vision, guided tours: An overview of all dates

On the four days of the exhibition Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Lectures, audiovisual presentations, award ceremonies and guided tours will take place in 2023. Plan your visit now! Here's our rundown of when and what's on:

Saturday, May 13, 2023

In a Best of shows the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen large-format pictures on the village square from May 13th. On Saturdays, May 13th and 20th, representatives of the Münsingen Photo Club will present their passion. On Saturday, May 13th they will be supported musically by the Steel bands «Steelmix» and «TempoMix».

Thursday May 18, 2023

Exhibitions and Photo Arena open from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., Audio Vision blocks in the Füürwehrsaal at 13.00 p.m., 13.45 p.m., 14.30 p.m. and 15.15 p.m

10.00 Lecture: Marco Felix, tips for travel photography parish hall
11.00 Lecture: Thomas Biasotto, Landscapes at Night Fürwehrhuus
12.00 Guided tour: Urs Wohlwned, O‑magique Castle – attic
13.00 Lecture: Christian Reding, Nikon innovations parish hall
13.00 Guided tour: Silvio Maraini, Flooded Cathedrals flower house
13.30 Guided tour: Thomas Biasotto, Landscape at night Castle Dachstock
14.00 award ceremony: Photo Book Contest / U25 Photo Challenge Schlossgutsaal
14.00 Guided tour: Michel Roggo, Wasser@bern Schlossgutplatz
14.30 Guide: Laurin Schmid, Border of Hope Schlossweg
15.00 Guided tour: Gia Chkhatarashvili, Mystical Georgia Castle Alley
15.00 Lecture: Christian Burkhardt, Bookfactory parish hall
15.30 Guided tour: Thomas Biasotto, Landscape at night Castle Dachstock
16.00 Guided tour: Marielsa Niels, Dans l'antre du soi parish hall
16.00 Guided tour: Melinda Blättler, unfiltered portraits Flower house exterior wall
16.30 Lecture: Julia Hager, Blue Planet and the Plastic Flood Fürwehrhuus
17.00 Lecture: Christian Reding, Get a taste of photo technology parish hall

Friday 19st May 2023

Exhibitions and Photo Arena open from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., Audio Vision blocks in the Füürwehrsaal at 13.00 p.m., 13.45 p.m., 14.30 p.m. and 15.15 p.m

11.00 Lecture: Monika Christofori-Khadka, Water and Worlds Fürwehrhuus
13.00 Lecture: Christian Reding, Nikon innovations parish hall
13.30 Guided tour: Zak van Billjon, Modernizing Nature engl./d connection path
14.00 Guided tour: Alexandra Schmid, employee of the month flower house
14.30 Guided tour: Cap fotoschule, portfolio work Youth House Spycher
14.30 Guided tour: Cap fotoschule, Behind the Scenes Youth House Spycher
15.00 Lecture: Melinda Blättler, 99x unique parish hall
15.30 Guided tour: Res Reinhard, eau et noir parish hall
16.00 Guide: Jean-François Delhom, Cascades Schlossstrasse
16.30 Lecture: Ralf Turtschi, designing photo books Fürwehrhuus
19.00 Multivision: Michel Roggo, From the Amazon to the Aare Fürwehrhuus

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Exhibitions and Photo Arena open from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., Audio Vision blocks in the Füürwehrsaal at 13.00 p.m., 13.45 p.m., 14.30 p.m. and 15.15 p.m

10.30 Lecture: Marco Felix, tips for travel photography Fürwehrhuus
11.00 Award ceremony PHOTOSUISSE culture grape
13.00 Guided tour: Alexandra Schmid, employee of the month flower house
13.00 Lecture: Christian Reding, Nikon innovations parish hall
13.30 Guided tour: Marielsa Niels, Dans l'antre du soi parish hall
13.30 Guide: Julia Hager, Icy Worlds Schlossstrasse 5
14.00 Guided tour: Urs Wohlwned, O‑magique Castle Dachstock
15.00 Guide: Jean-François Delhom, Cascades Schlossstrasse
15.30 Guided tour: Res Reinhard, eau et noir parish hall
16.30 Panel: Guy Jost, professional photography graduate Fuhrerhus

Sunday May 21, 2023

Exhibitions and Photo Arena open from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m., Audio Vision blocks in the Füürwehrsaal at 13.00 p.m., 13.45 p.m., 14.30 p.m. and 15.15 p.m

10.30 Lecture: Christian Reding, Get a taste of photo technology parish hall
11.00 Lecture: Urs Wohlwend, ICM Photography Fürwehrhuus
13.00 Guided tour: Silvio Maraini, Flooded Cathedrals flower house
13.00 Lecture: Christian Reding, Nikon innovations parish hall
13.30 Guide: Julia Hager, Icy Worlds Schlossstrasse 5
14.00 Guided tour: Michel Roggo, wasser@bern Schlossgutplatz
14.30 Leadership: Laurin Schmid, Limit of Hope Schlossweg
14.30 Guided tour: Cap fotoschule, portfolio work Youth House Spycher
15.00 Guided tour: Gia Chkhatarashvili, Mystical Georgia Castle Alley
15.30 Guided tour: Zak van Billjon, Modernizing Nature, Engl./Ger connection path
16.00 Guided tour: Melinda Blättler, unfiltered portraits Flower house exterior wall

Great support for new exhibition walls

The Münsingen photo club took part in Migros' "Support Culture" campaign. The action is now complete. The loyal collectors scanned a total of 5972 club vouchers.

This means that the Münsingen photo club will receive around 1500 francs from Migros. The amount is for new exhibition walls Pho­to Mün­sin­gen intended. Congratulations to everyone who scanned!

"Shall we do the bikini photo now?"

In her book, published in 2022 «99x ein­zig­ar­tig» Melinda Blättler shows unfiltered photographs of people with a flaw, a taboo subject or an illness. At the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen presents a selection of them. With the pictures, the photographer from Nidwalden wants to build bridges, show beauty and create understanding.

Melinda Blättler, how did the idea for your book come about?

I noticed that many people on social media don't present themselves as they actually are. With filters and photoshop, with fake breasts and spray-on lips. That annoyed me because teenagers take exactly these people as role models. In my opinion, that's not exactly what they are, because obviously they are not satisfied with themselves. More and more customers came to my studio with specific requests, for example that I should retouch their wrinkles. If I convince them to take the picture first and then decide, most of them are more than satisfied. Against this background, I started the book project two years ago.

How did you find suitable people for the book?

I launched an appeal via social media, radio and television. The echo was tremendous. From the messages I received, I selected them in such a way that as many “flaws” as possible could be depicted in the book. These include not only people with illnesses or the consequences of accidents, but also homosexuals or couples with different skin colors. I looked for people who in some way didn't conform to the norm that others point the finger at. During the course of the project, I had the idea of ​​specifically looking for a 99-year-old person, so that the book now shows 99 people aged between a few months and 99 years.

How did you go about removing people's inhibitions about focusing on their "flaws"?

First they told me their story in a conversation. By listening and observing attentively, I registered where and how they reacted when telling stories. My approach to the shoot was correspondingly individual. A woman who had told me that she liked to dance, I let her dance in front of the camera to break the ice. I asked the man who had the accident to close his eyes and think back to the moment of the accident. When he opened his eyes, I pulled the trigger. The result is a very intense photo. When someone lets go and just be themselves and you can capture that in the photo, the picture will be good.

What were the reactions of those portrayed to the shooting?

Many said they felt very comfortable with me, even to the point of asking if I had any psychological background. For some, working on the project had a certain therapeutic effect. After she couldn't imagine it at first, the overweight woman asked me at the end of the shoot if we couldn't take the bikini photo now.

Are you still in contact with the people?

Yes, we have a common chat. Sometimes we organize a meeting with the aim that those portrayed can get to know each other and exchange ideas. Friendships grew out of this. Some will be present at Photo Münsingen and report on their experiences.

How did you deal with the often painful stories yourself?

Of course they affected me, but the project also made me stronger and gave me a new perspective. Some of the stories, especially those related to psychological impairments, stayed with me for a few more days. Through the shooting I was able to process what I heard to a certain extent.

All photos in the book are black and white and taken in your studio. Why?

It was important to me that the person is in the center, neither colors nor the background should distract. I wanted to make classic pictures. That is why everyone portrayed is dressed simply and wears neither make-up nor jewellery.

How were the reactions to the book and the exhibition in Stansstad last summer?

Very positive. At the exhibition, where some of those portrayed also told their stories personally, the reactions were very emotional. I also keep getting feedback on the book, the pictures got under your skin and made you think. If I can achieve that with the project, I'm very happy.

How optimistic are you that social rethinking will take place in the future?

Lately I've noticed that social media stars are increasingly presenting themselves without make-up and without filters. If I see something like this or topic-related posts, I post it on my channels so that these topics remain present. I think something is happening, but unfortunately the thinking in society will not change that quickly.

Interview: Raffael von Niederhäuser

Melinda Blättler at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023:

Photo workshops 2023: Registration from April 11th

Between May 18th and 21st, Photo Münsingen offers plenty of opportunities for further training. We have special workshops on landscape, people and droplet photography that go with the main theme of “water”.

The workshop program also includes topics such as image processing, flashlight, the jury course, an architecture workshop and tips on smartphone photography. Expand your knowledge, try new things! Secure your place online in the photo workshops at Photo Münsingen 11 from Tuesday, April 20, 2023 p.m.!

To the overview of all photo workshops 2023...

The highlights of our workshop leaders

In the courses on drop photography from Hans Schar learn the art of photographing what the human eye cannot see. At Stefan Zurrer It's all about landscape photography by the water. Also Lorenz Andreas Fischer offers, among other things, exciting workshops on landscape photography.

Christoph Ris this year projects water and fire images onto bare skin and teaches course participants more about expressive portraits or sensual photography by the water. "Dancer + Smoke", "Pole Dancer" and "Sandblast" are the names of the workshops on unusual productions Felix Peter.

It's all about the interplay of light and color Miriam Bennouna. The course leader also offers a photo discussion with pictures of the participants. The quality of a photograph is also a topic in the jury course Martin Zurmuehle.

Remo Zehnder speaks of the ease of being on the move with a smartphone. He also gives an introductory course on analogue photography, which is also suitable for young people. Jost von Allmen offers Lightroom courses, including how to handle image data when traveling.

Roberto Carbone Finally, in addition to a Zen Photo Walk, there is a special photo course for children: children discover the world of instant photography (and are allowed to keep the camera at the end!).

By the way: Also for the reportage "From the Amazon to the Aare - How the camera got into the crocodile's mouth and other stories" by Michel Roggo, free reservations are possible from Tuesday, April 11, 20 p.m.

«In the Düdinger Moos I could almost take nicer pictures than in the Rio Negro»

For four decades, Michel Roggo has been photographing freshwater, mostly underwater, all over the world. When the corona virus stopped his international projects in 2020, he began photographing the Aare and its tributaries. The Exhibition mainly shows these new works from the canton of Bern, quite a few from the Aare landscape near Münsingen.

Michel Roggo, how did you get into underwater photography around 40 years ago?

I used to go to the water a lot when I was a little boy. At the age of 30 I started taking photographs and fly fishing at about the same time. With the latter, it is important to observe carefully. I noticed how beautiful the underwater world is. So the step to underwater photography was obvious. Soon I undertook my first trip to Alaska and there began to work photographically with salmon.

And you stuck to it: What is the special appeal of underwater photography for you?

The difficulty. I love challenges, that's my nature. Starting with an idea for a picture, finding a way to implement it. How do I bring the camera to a certain place: With a pole? Do I snorkel or dive? I'm also fascinated by this black box: We have a picture of the distant coral reef, but not of the small creek on our doorstep. When I was tied to Switzerland for a while because of the corona pandemic, I went to the Düdinger Moos to take pictures. And I was almost able to take nicer pictures there than in the Rio Negro, where I actually would have worked at the time. Anyone who saw these photos could hardly believe that they were taken in Düdingen.

So, for someone like you who has seen the waters of the world, wasn't the local underwater world unspectacular?

no way. I now enjoy traveling in Switzerland very much. The underwater scenery here is beautiful. When the light falls through the trees into the water and shines through the algae, it can be magical. I can also work more intensively here: in the summer of 2022, for example, I photographed for five weeks in virtually the same place in the Aare. That means: I go there and take photos, then I need maybe two days for the selection, correct certain things and then go back. I can't do that abroad, I'm under a lot more pressure there.

What does it take for you to be happy with a picture?

Many factors come together here. It's about composition, lighting, the balance of colors and objects. When I'm in a place in the water, I'm looking for a composition, then maybe waiting for the wind or waves to change, or for a fish to swim into it. Last summer I lay in a tributary of the Aare for three hours. I was completely absorbed in this world and at some point the fish swam around me. I want to capture that mood. At best, the viewer of the picture feels as if they are in the water in my place.

How did the pictures you are exhibiting at Photo Münsingen come about?

Partly on the shore or standing in the water, partly I dived or snorkeled. When I'm standing in the water, I hold the camera, which is attached to a pole, in the water. On a display above water, I can see what I'm photographing. I only use full-frame cameras with different resolutions. One of them takes macro shots, but with a wide-angle effect. I can get very close with this. I haven't used flash in 20 years, so I have to work with natural light. I also take pictures with low ISO values ​​of 200 or even better 100. I use special underwater housings and adapt them so that I can control the camera remotely. I have always loved to spend a lot of time tinkering, for example to find watertight solutions. I spent about a year developing a working remote control.

Recently you've been on the road a lot for the Canton of Bern's renaturation fund. What does this assignment mean to you?

Unfortunately, we humans have destroyed many things. Overall, the state of our waters is catastrophic. In the 1980s I was able to take photos with hundreds of grayling in the Aare near Münsingen, but this time I didn't see a single one. But there are places that have been largely spared or have just been upgraded again through targeted renaturation measures. The canton can take over the prints of my pictures and exhibit them in schools, for example. I am happy if I can contribute to raising awareness with my work. The younger generations in particular should also keep hope and see that we can correct mistakes.

What are your plans for the near future?

At the moment I'm working on a system for equipping an underwater drone with a full-frame camera. Unfortunately, the image quality of the drones on the market is still not good enough. For example, I would like to be able to take pictures of the place where all the barbels from Sense, Saane and Aare come together to spend the winter. Diving is difficult there in winter, but a drone at 20 meters depth could probably produce incredible new images - and reveal another part of the black box.

Interview: Raffael von Niederhäuser

Michel Roggo at the Photo Münsingen 2023:

Photo Book Competition and U25 Photo Challenge: Join now!

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen is launching two new competitions for this year's edition: together with Bookfactory, we are looking for the best photo books in Switzerland. Together with BERN-OST let's start the «U25 Pho­to Chall­enge». Now it's time to participate and win!

The “U25 Photo Challenge” is aimed at teenagers and young adults born in 1998 or later. The theme of the competition is «Water». What is needed are photos in which water plays a role. Whether landscape shots, studio shots or abstract images - creativity, imagination and good implementation are the focus. It doesn't matter whether the picture is taken with a smartphone or a digital camera, or developed in analogue form and then scanned.

Participation is uncomplicated and takes place via BERN-OST via the following link:

To the “U25 Photo Challenge”…

The submission deadline is March 31, 2023. After that, the submitted images will be judged and exhibited at Photo Münsingen.

You can win vouchers from the Ni­kon Foto School worth CHF 750 for first place, CHF 500 for second place and CHF 250 for fourth place. The third place winner wins 300 francs in cash, sponsored by BERN-OST. The fifth prize is a voucher from Bookfactory worth 200 francs.

The most beautiful photo book in Switzerland

In a second competition, we are dedicating ourselves to the photo book category. Together with the main sponsor Bookfactory, the best, most original or most unusual photo books in Switzerland are sought.

You have until April 23, 2023 to submit your most beautiful Bookfactory photo book using the link below. Convince the jury with your snapshots, the best shots or artfully arranged pictures. Be creative and try something new!

The content, design and overall impression of the photo book are evaluated. The topic is freely selectable. The main prize is a new Fuji camera X‑T5 with lens! The best books are also presented at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen be visible.

To the photo book competition…

Photo Münsingen 2023: water, customs and new competitions

"Water" in all its diversity is the main theme of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023. We are proud that Michel Roggo - one of the best underwater photographers - is bringing us closer to the underwater world of the Amazon and Aare. In 2023 there are other aspects of "water photography" to be discovered, the club competition on the topic of "customs", many creative photo exhibitions, lectures, audiovisual productions and photo workshops.

Michel Rogo shows at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2023 in his unmistakable style the underwater world from the Amazon to the Aare. He not only exhibits current pictures, but also speaks in one Lecture on Friday evening also about his work.

Six other exhibitions show "water photography" in all its diversity: There are the icy worlds of the marine biologist Julia Hager, the «flooded cathedrals» of Silvio Maraini or the waterfall photos from Jean-Francois Delhom.

Reported in «Border of Hope» Lauren Schmid via the risky escape route from Libya across the Mediterranean to Europe. Urs Wohlwend photographed for his coastal pictures with a moving camera. And Res Reinhard continued for his series «Eau et Noir» Dancers with water elements in scene.

Club competition on the theme "Customs"

An important element of Pho­to Mün­sin­gen is also this year the club photography. 48 teams compete at the «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award» on the subject of "customs". The Photo clubs from Münsingen, Riedisheim and Kirchzarten exhibit pictures on the subject of «Yellow».

The PHOTOSUISSE shows the best and award-winning pictures from the annual competition. The award ceremony for the «Swiss Photography Championship» by PHOTOSUISSE will again take place as part of Photo Münsingen.

People, landscapes and silent helpers

Other photo exhibitions deal with people, landscapes and silent helpers: Melinda Blättler photographed for her project «99x ein­zig­ar­tig #un­ge­fil­ter­te Por­traits» People with a flaw, taboo subject or illness. Marielsa Niels questioned in «Dans l'antre du soi» our concept of female-male. Gia Chkhatarashvili shows the daily life of the inhabitants of two mountain regions of Georgia.

For «Mo­der­ni­zing Na­tu­re» photographed Zak van Biljon the beauty of nature in the near infrared. Thomas Biasotto in turn, he combines daylight shots with starry skies for his «Landscapes at Night». Alexandra Schmid placed everyday objects in the center of attention in “Employee of the Month”.

For the first time with a photo exhibition as a guest at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen is the CAP photography school. 16 students of the intensive practical course show a cross-section of the work created in the current training year.

«U25 Photo Challenge» and photo book competition

The organizing committee has decided to implement some new ideas for this year. "We want to entice younger people to take photos," says President Urs Hintermann. This year, for the first time, the «U25 Photo Challenge» on the subject of water. It will be together with the internet portal BERN-OST carried out. The best pictures will be exhibited in Münsingen.

Besides, she wants Pho­to Mün­sin­gen offer a platform for the photo book as a medium of expression. At the Photo Book Contest together with main sponsor Book­fac­to­ry the best, most original or unusual photo books are sought. The most beautiful results are also exhibited there.

Book a date now!

Photo Münsingen also belong to this year audiovisual productions, Lectures, Photo workshops and product demos. Take a look at our program now and mark the Ascension Days from May 18 to 21, 2023 in bold on your agenda!

Cover picture: © Michel Roggo