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    Creative photography & Chinese elements

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    Zhong Yi Photography Education School

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Creative photography & Chinese elements

Photography Exhibition of Feng Xiaohui and her students

The 28 photos by teacher Feng Xiaohui and her students exhibited here are of three categories: creative portraits, flowers and architectures.

All photos were first conceptualized and created with Chinese elements, then shot with multiple exposure technique. Its special magnificent effect successfully reflects the broad and rich Chinese traditional culture.

Creative photography – Chinese elements and Münsingen

Photographer Feng Xiaohui began to explore multiple exposure techniques since 2004 when she transited from film era into digital image time. The brand new technique of multiple exposure makes Feng Xiaohui much more skillful in shooting either creative portraits, flowers and landscape, or documentaries and architectures, etc. She successfully demonstrated us a miraculous world and thereafter for many times won awards and hold exhibitions at home and abroad.

To meet the many photography lovers’ need to learn multiple exposure technique, improve their skills and widespread photography knowledge and theory, Beijing Zhong Yi Photography Education School set up “Xiaohui Creative Visual Photography Workshop” in 2013, which recruits about 10 students to learn for 7 days each time. Till now, there are 11 classes are completed and more than 100 students trained.

At the invitation of Photo Münsingen, Feng Xiaohui feels honored and grateful to put 28 of their works on display here, which are regarded as the crystallization of their creativity. This is a reporting exhibition of Feng Xiaohui’s practice on multiple exposure technique exploration and education. This is also a valuable opportunity for Feng Xiaohui and her students to communicate with and learn from their colleagues abroad.

The exhibition is entitled as “A National Beauty” and the photos are of creative photography, which can be divided into three categories of creative portraits, flowers and architectures. To take this kind of pictures, one needs first fully understand as well as know how to use Chinese elements, such as: ancient architectures, calligraphy, carved seals, Chinese knots, Qin Han bricks & Han eave tiles, Peking opera masks, shadow puppets, Chinese porcelain, Han Dynasty bamboo slips, oracle bones, the scholar’s four treasures (ink-slab, writing brush, art paper, ink-stick), etc. and then to adopt multiple exposure techniques to shoot.

Each time when leading her students to create a work, Feng Xiaohui firstly chooses a theme, and secondly, tells the students in detail about pre-shooting imagination, artistic design, lighting, etc. , asks students to familiarize with the characters and scenery , find out and catch the best moment of inner emotion expression in order to get hold of a satisfying work. The whole filming process is just a systematic project of creative thinking and ideas, designs and techniques, later-processing color control and output.

Facing an extensive and profound traditional culture, rich and colorful heritage of history, Feng Xiaohui found by using multiple exposure techniques, she could break through the insipid description, stare at the visual elements. This is one of the ways that Feng Xiaohui and her students to search out the greatness of life in the creative design, and to shine the light of human nature through mind connection.

Finally, thanks again invitation of Photo Münsingen. We wish you a great success!

May, 2016

Zhong Yi Photography Education School

Xiaohui Creative Visual Photography Workshop

Teacher: Feng Xiaohui

Students: Huang Kun, Lu Xiang, Leung Shan, Song Li, Xu Xiaoman