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    Crea­tive pho­to­gra­phy & Chi­nese ele­ments

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    Zhong Yi Pho­to­gra­phy Edu­ca­tion School

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Crea­tive pho­to­gra­phy & Chi­nese ele­ments

Pho­to­gra­phy Exhi­bi­tion of Feng Xia­o­hui and her stu­dents

The 28 pho­tos by tea­cher Feng Xia­o­hui and her stu­dents exhi­bi­ted here are of three cate­go­ries: crea­tive por­traits, flowers and archi­tec­tures.

All pho­tos were first con­cep­tua­li­zed and crea­ted with Chi­nese ele­ments, then shot with mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­que. Its spe­cial magni­ficent effect suc­cess­fully reflects the broad and rich Chi­nese tra­di­tio­nal cul­ture.

Crea­tive pho­to­gra­phy – Chi­nese ele­ments and Münsin­gen

Pho­to­gra­pher Feng Xia­o­hui began to explore mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­ques since 2004 when she tran­sited from film era into digi­tal image time. The brand new tech­ni­que of mul­ti­ple expo­sure makes Feng Xia­o­hui much more skill­ful in shoo­ting eit­her crea­tive por­traits, flowers and land­s­cape, or docu­men­ta­ries and archi­tec­tures, etc. She suc­cess­fully demons­tra­ted us a mira­cu­lous world and the­re­af­ter for many times won awards and hold exhi­bi­ti­ons at home and abroad.

To meet the many pho­to­gra­phy lovers’ need to learn mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­que, improve their skills and widespread pho­to­gra­phy know­ledge and theory, Bei­jing Zhong Yi Pho­to­gra­phy Edu­ca­tion School set up "Xia­o­hui Crea­tive Visual Pho­to­gra­phy Work­shop” in 2013, which recruits about 10 stu­dents to learn for 7 days each time. Till now, there are 11 clas­ses are com­ple­ted and more than 100 stu­dents trai­ned.

At the invi­ta­tion of Photo Münsin­gen, Feng Xia­o­hui feels hono­red and gra­te­ful to put 28 of their works on dis­play here, which are regar­ded as the crystal­li­za­tion of their crea­ti­vity. This is a repor­ting exhi­bi­tion of Feng Xiaohui’s prac­tice on mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­que explo­ra­tion and edu­ca­tion. This is also a valu­able oppor­tu­nity for Feng Xia­o­hui and her stu­dents to com­mu­ni­cate with and learn from their col­leagues abroad.

The exhi­bi­tion is ent­it­led as "A Natio­nal Beauty" and the pho­tos are of crea­tive pho­to­gra­phy, which can be divi­ded into three cate­go­ries of crea­tive por­traits, flowers and archi­tec­tures. To take this kind of pic­tures, one needs first fully under­stand as well as know how to use Chi­nese ele­ments, such as: anci­ent archi­tec­tures, cal­li­gra­phy, car­ved seals, Chi­nese knots, Qin Han bricks & Han eave tiles, Peking opera masks, shadow pup­pets, Chi­nese porce­lain, Han Dynasty bam­boo slips, ora­cle bones, the scholar’s four trea­su­res (ink-slab, wri­ting brush, art paper, ink-stick), etc. and then to adopt mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­ques to shoot.

Each time when lea­ding her stu­dents to create a work, Feng Xia­o­hui firstly choo­ses a theme, and secondly, tells the stu­dents in detail about pre-shoo­ting ima­gi­na­tion, artis­tic design, ligh­t­ing, etc. , asks stu­dents to fami­lia­rize with the cha­rac­ters and sce­nery , find out and catch the best moment of inner emo­tion expres­sion in order to get hold of a satis­fy­ing work. The whole filming pro­cess is just a sys­te­ma­tic pro­ject of crea­tive thin­king and ideas, designs and tech­ni­ques, later-pro­ces­sing color con­trol and out­put.

Facing an exten­sive and pro­found tra­di­tio­nal cul­ture, rich and color­ful heri­tage of history, Feng Xia­o­hui found by using mul­ti­ple expo­sure tech­ni­ques, she could break through the insi­pid descrip­tion, stare at the visual ele­ments. This is one of the ways that Feng Xia­o­hui and her stu­dents to search out the great­ness of life in the crea­tive design, and to shine the light of human nature through mind con­nec­tion.

Finally, thanks again invi­ta­tion of Photo Münsin­gen. We wish you a great suc­cess!

May, 2016

Zhong Yi Pho­to­gra­phy Edu­ca­tion School

Xia­o­hui Crea­tive Visual Pho­to­gra­phy Work­shop

Tea­cher: Feng Xia­o­hui

Stu­dents: Huang Kun, Lu Xiang, Leung Shan, Song Li, Xu Xiao­man