• Exhibition 2018

    Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Alps

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    Sun, 12.00 p.m. and 14.00 p.m.


The Alps are the last wilderness refuges in Central Europe. You will experience a fundamental change in the years to come. Well-known landscapes will disappear completely. Change is the defining process.

In the «Alps» project, Lorenz Andreas Fischer tries to fathom alpine landscapes in transition with photographic-artistic means and to record an inventory. In formal, graphic images, he stages ephemeral phenomena such as melting glaciers, thawing mountain lakes, foggy landscapes or the onset of winter.

The photographer shows the forces of nature in the mountains and surprising, short-lived phenomena. Every moment is unique and in no way repeatable. With the means of reduction he intensifies the effect of the pictures.

Lorenz Andreas Fischer

Lorenz Andreas Fischer is a freelance photographer with a focus on nature, the outdoors, wildlife and landscape. Wilderness and pristine nature inspire him. In order to create powerful images, he often uses the means of reduction. In other pictures he experiments with extreme lighting moods. Artificial light and / or flash light merge with smudges and blurring.

His pictures have received many awards, e.g. at Wildlife Photographer of the Year or as the best European nature photographer in 2016. He is an ambassador for the camera manufacturer Nikon.

Images by Lorenz Andreas Fischer can be seen in exhibitions, illustrated books, print media and multimedia productions.

He organizes exclusive photo trips to Africa, Brazil and Europe. He offers group or private seminars on landscape, wildlife, travel and flash photography. For companies, institutions or private individuals, he designs image concepts and image worlds in residential or company spaces.

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