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Photo exhibition 2023

Alexandra Schmid
employee of the Month



Guided tour

Friday, May 19, 2023, 14.00
Saturday, May 20, 2023, 13.00

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employee of the Month

Would you get to work on time in winter without your ice scraper for the car windows? Having your own garden is something great, but without secateurs it would soon outgrow you and without nails the walls of your apartment would be pretty bare, wouldn't they?

Life would be a lot harder without the myriad of items we use day in and day out. But do we actually perceive these silent helpers or do we use them carelessly and purely mechanically? With the “Employee of the Month” photo series, the photographer expresses her appreciation for these objects and invites you to give them your undivided attention for once. And if only for the duration of viewing the picture.

The concept of "Employee of the Month" is usually used by companies to recognize deserving employees and to honor and publicize them by hanging their portrait pictures. Based on this, the photographer presents a selection of objects that should be well known to everyone. Who are your household's employees of the month?

Alexandra Schmid

alexandra schmid portrait

Alexandra Schmid explores the everyday with curiosity and passion. She photographs the small and big things around her that so often go unnoticed. She likes to stage her subjects in an unusual way in order to draw attention to them.

Having grown up in the canton of Thurgau, Alexandra Schmid has been at home in the city of Bern for almost 25 years. She has been a photographer since childhood and has continued to do so throughout her later career as a nutritionist. During a career break, she decided to give photography more space in her life. After a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in photography and training at the cap photo school, she now works as a freelance photographer specializing in nature and still life photography.


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