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Photo exhibition 2023

Res Reinhard
eau et noir


Kirch­ge­mein­de­haus, Fireplace room

Guided tour

Friday, May 19, 2023, 15.30
Saturday, May 20, 2023, 13.30

In German language

eau et noir

Many of the photo studio recordings shown at Photo Münsingen show dancers and musical actresses for whom expression is an essential part of the job: perfect conditions for my pictures.

The shots are supplemented here with the element "water", which should be visible, but must not distract too much from the model and its expression.

Res Reinhard

res reinhard portrait

Contact with people has always been easy for me. It is therefore not surprising that, as editor-in-chief of the regional Internet portal BERN-OST, I am not only interested in stories with people, but have also been passionate about photographing them for over 20 years.

When a picture of me won first place in the "I'm beautiful" competition on BERN-OST, the spell was definitely broken: I started to get passionate about portrait photography, attended courses, workshops and seminars and was able to do a few Years later I even set up my own photo studio at Worber Bahnhofplatz.

My pictures should be simple and without frills and should express the character and charisma of the person photographed. My role models are not photographers, but painters like Franz Gertsch and Jan Vermeer. In the photo studio, I often hear the response "oh, that looks like a painting."

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