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Audio Vision 2024

Hannes Schmid




Friday, May 10, 2024, 19.00 - 21.00

In German language


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Multimedia show with live commentary

Hannes Schmid's works fascinate with their outstanding craftsmanship and their visionary power. In his lecture “THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION”, Hannes Schmid passionately reports how he managed to transform himself as an artist and reinvent himself again and again over the years. He takes the audience on an exciting journey through time through his life and his life's work. The lecture describes in detail from the rock stars in the 70s and 80s, to the production of the Marlboro Man in the 90s, from fashion photography to "Momentous", an interactive art installation the development process of a great artist and his need for transformation.

Hannes Schmid also talks about his aid organization Smiling Gecko, with which he launched a project in Cambodia that offers education, training and regular income for several 1000 Cambodians and enables the people there to live a self-determined life.

To develop this fascinating, holistic social project, which Hannes Schmid calls his greatest work of art, he had to reinvent himself once again and is now implementing his vision of sustainable help as a social entrepreneur.

The lecture “THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION” is encouraging and shows what can be achieved with passion, persistence and the willingness to transform. He inspires listeners to reflect on themselves and find the motivation for their own transformation.

The concept for “THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION” was developed in 2013 in close collaboration with the Advisory Department of PwC and introduced worldwide by them.

Hannes Schmid

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Hannes Schmid, born in Zurich in 1946, is now one of the most important photographic artists in Switzerland. Long-term travels took him around the globe, where as an advertising, fashion and freelance photographer he developed his characteristic visual language, which is characterized by personal ties to the object. Hannes Schmid achieved world fame with his production of the iconic cowboy - the Marlboro Man. His over 70000 photos of the biggest rock stars are also legendary. More recently, Hannes Schmid has also attracted attention with photorealistic painting and object art at internationally acclaimed exhibitions. He has been involved with the non-profit organization since 2012 Smiling gecko Charitable for children and families in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world.

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