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Ju­gend­haus Spy­cher - Basement, cellar

Guided tour

Friday, May 10, 2024, 14.30
Sunday, May 12, 2024, 14.30

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As part of the eleven-week cap professional training course, the students worked on various projects in various genres. In a few specialist weeks, the students were given a task on the subject of music: a photographic implementation of the piece “Atmosphère” by the composer György Ligeti, who tried to overcome traditional compositional thinking, was a first task. The students should also overcome their own conventions in photography.

During a project week in the area of ​​still life photography, the topic of music was explored in a different way: the students illustrated a piece of music that shaped their youth. They tried to make the inner images that the piece of music triggers in them now or triggered back then visible to others using the medium of photography. Whether the project was successful became apparent when the class was able to match the piece of music and the image to each other.

A third implementation followed under the theme “playful, experimental human portrait”. Here the task was given to work on the topic of “rhythm” and make it visible in a portrait or in a small series of images.

The cap fotoschule presents a work from each of the nine students in a small showcase.

cap photography school

portrait cap photo school

For a total of 60 days, the 9 students of the cap photo school's practical course dealt intensively with the areas of applied photography: portrait photography, still life, architecture, landscape, moving images, reports and conceptual work are the topics covered. The further development of personal imagery and the search for new ones
Photographic expression possibilities form another focus.

The cap photo school is aimed at demanding amateurs and aspiring photographers who want to deepen their existing knowledge and expand their range of experience. The school has existed since 2000. It aims to offer practical and efficient training for career changers.

Professional knowledge and skills are imparted at three different levels. The aim of the one-year study programs is to promote creative potential and to impart technical, practical and theoretical knowledge for the implementation of high-quality images.


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