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Photo exhibition 2024

Gerardo Garciacano


Blu­men­haus Aussenwand

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Friday, May 10, 2024, 14.00
Saturday, May 11, 2024, 15.00

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The Bodmi series is part of the wider Street Portraits project, which explores clothing choices while examining both our individual and collective identities. It delves into how the ancient ritual of dressing up reflects our deep-rooted need to belong to a social group. The inspiration for this series came after photographing bathers at Marzili, where I realized that the same social signals were present in our street clothes, as in swim trunks and bikinis.

The Bodmi portraits represent the other side of the equation, documenting skiers in full gear. During my conversations with locals in Grindelwald, I was fascinated to learn that they could distinguish skiers from Bern and Zurich based solely on their clothing and equipment. Even to the untrained eye, the differences in color palette and jacket fit between snowboarders and skiers are obvious, revealing different philosophies on life.

Enjoy the series and create your own narratives about who these fully equipped snow warriors might be, whether it's their first day on the slopes or whether they've been there every year of their lives.

Gerardo Garciacano

Portrait Gerardo Garciacano

Mein Name ist Gerardo Garciacano. I grew up in the Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo and I have been passionate about photography for fifteen years, but this is my main job Singing operas. After two years of self-study, I started as Portrait and stage photographer to work and photographed mainly opera and theater performances, as well as artists. I have also worked as a wedding photographer in France, Germany and Switzerland, which was essential training for me in the craft of photography.

Later I ventured into more artistic and documentary formats and explored social and ethnic contexts. In 2018 I started this "Street Portraits Project" in Chiapas and have since continued in four other countries. In this project I photograph people on the street who voluntarily allow themselves to be portrayed in a formal studio-like setting. I'm interested in the detailed documentation of what people in different countries and on certain occasions choose to wear (festivals, nightclubs, swimming pools, ski resorts) and how this is instinctively perceived. I also explore how a formal lighting setup influences the flow and spontaneity of street portraits. The inspiration for the "Street-Portrait Series" undoubtedly comes from Richard Avedon Work "In The American West" from 1978 and also from the Dutch photographer's "Exactitudes" project Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek.

My work has been exhibited in the United States, Bern and Geneva, and the major portrait exhibition "Marzili Portraits" will be held in the fall of 2024 Marzilibad in Bern from the Fondation NOW ART organized.


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