• Exhibition 2018

    Ueli Bühler, Fascination Iceland

  • Place

    Al­ters­zen­trum Schlossgut

  • Guided tour

    Thursday, 15.30

Fascination Iceland

Iceland is not just a travel destination. Iceland deserves to be lived and loved. The island enchants and tears the mindful travelers, Iceland touches and shows you what it means to be small and insignificant in contrast to this great landscape.

Ueli Bühler got involved in this strange and beautiful landscape in 2013 during a three-month stay.

The exhibition shows color images from the highlands and black-and-white images on the theme of "water".

Ueli Bühler

Who am I?
Pensioner, husband, father, grandfather, amateur photographer, archer, hobbyist, traveler.

What are my photographic preferences?
I photograph what I encounter, what comes my way, what triggers emotions in me.