• Exhibition 2019

    Noe Romano, Enlighted Men

  • Location

    Ju­gend­haus Spy­cher, Basement, cellar

  • Guided tour

    Thursday and Saturday at 17.00 p.m.

    Friday, 20.00 p.m.

Enlighted Men

In the basement of the Spycher youth center, Noe Romano shows men in various productions and contexts. The series of images take up socially critical issues and aim at internal controversies of the viewer.

“When a person stops in front of one of my pictures and thinks more than“ like ”or“ do not like ”, then I'm satisfied. If he is touched in a pleasant or uncomfortable way, I am happy. "

Joshua Romano concert

Friday, May 31, 21.00 p.m. Ju­gend­haus Spy­cher, Basement, cellar

He describes himself as a "heartist" - and describes his great being with just one small word: Josua Romano (including Red Shoes), artist from the heart and for the heart! He combines his unmistakable voice with a fascinating stage presence, a healthy dose of megalomania with relaxed self-irony. Handmade songs, exciting stories and virtuoso harmonica interludes make his performances a special kind of experience.

Noe Romano

Noemi (short Noe) Romano, always fascinated by the sparkling and dazzling world of the advertising industry, originally wanted to study visual communication or become a goldsmith. Since her father was not particularly convinced of either type of profession and called them jobless, she finally decided to integrate herself into the ancestral line of teachers.

However, since it is known that “the way is the goal”, she does not regret the extra lap. But still in the hip advertising industry (on the consulting and project management side), she quickly noticed that her heart is beating for the creation.

After various training and further education, she finally changed sides, on top of that she detached herself from all external control and started her own business as a photographer and communication designer.

Noe Romano loves portraits. «The picture ideas just come like that. If they no longer work, I have to implement them. "


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