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Audio Vision 2020

Andreas Zimmermann

Totally crazy - with the single-axle to the North Cape




Friday, May 22, 2020, 19.00 - 21.00

In German language

Totally crazy
With the single axle to the North Cape

Live reportage

It's an almost unbelievable story: Man, 50+, buys a convertible and drives it to the North Cape and back. Typical for men of this age, you guess. But that's not the case, because the convertible is a Rapid single-axle tractor born in 1981 and a self-made caravan.

Andreas Zimmermann starts his adventure on June 10, 2018. The journey will take four months, which will lead him at a top speed of 17 km / h, over 9000 km and through 11 countries. “Not being stuck in a traffic jam once,” he thinks, “the traffic jam is always behind me”. But how will people react? Will you love or hate him? He sets off with certain fears, but is mostly positively surprised. Wherever he appears, he and his vehicle are the attraction. If he had accepted all the invitations, he would probably be on the road today.

The stories are sometimes cheerful, sometimes contemplative and profound, but always exciting presented by Andreas Zimmermann, the Rapid Man. Do not miss this delicacy. Go totally crazy on «totally crazy».

A book is also available for the show. It means "totally crazy - with the single-axle to the North Cape"

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Andreas Zimmermann

Andreas Zimmermann, born in 1963, originally learned the trade of machine draftsman. He then took the secondary school leaving certificate and studied prehistory, ethnology and sociology for a few semesters at the University of Bern. During his studies he made his first long trips to Canada and Alaska as well as a 4-month field research in Jordan. Since 1993 he has been earning his living as a freelance travel photographer and speaker.

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