Photo exhibition 2021

Elena Martynyuk (RU)




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In this exhibition I will show three themes: Elephants, Fat Girl and Fantasies.

Theme «Elephants».
When I was working for the circus, I became friend with a famous family of elephant trainers Dementiev-Cornilov and I was lucky enough to do a photo shooting with their wonderful elephants. The trainer Andrei Kornilov has a young daughter at the age of 1,5 year. She wasn't afraid of elephants and Andrei helped me take a photo where his little daughter sits in a hug with a big elephant. No one believes it's not a photo made in Photoshop. But it's really a real shoot.
I had four elephants to work with and come up with several stories. In this exhibition I want to show some of the most successful photos. Working with elephants as photo models is very difficult.

Theme «Fat Girl».
I have a favorite photo model - a beautiful girl Victoria, who lives in Odessa in the Ukraine. When I come to Odessa in summer, I always try to take new photos with Victoria. She has a great sense of humor and so best of all we get funny stories.

Theme «Fantasies».

Fabulous characters are another favorite theme of mine. Satires, nymphs, mermaids, living trees and branches arise in my fantasies after reading the works of Shakespeare, Gogol, Bulgakov ...

Elena Martynyuk (RU)

Honored photo-artist of the International Photo Art Federation
Member of the European Union of Professional Photoartists
Winner and participant of many international exhibitions

She was born in the Ukraine. She graduated from the Art and Graphic Faculty of the university in Odessa. Since 2002 she has lived and worked in Moscow as a professional photo-artist.

Elena has been into photography since childhood. Artistic photography - since 1989. First gold medal - 1990 (London-Salon Exhibition - London, UK)

Up to this date, Elena is holding over 170 gold, silver and bronze awards earned at the largest international exhibitions held in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Korea, Belgium ets.

Elena Martynyuk is the first photo-artist and the only woman so far from Eastern Europe to win the Hasselblad International Super Circuit (Austria, 2000).

According to the “Photography & Imaging Yearbook 2002”, London, Elena Martynyuk was one of the top 5 photo-artists in the world in the theme fantasy “Dreamtime”.

May 2006 - Photoartists Guild of Russia awarded Elena the title of Academician and the prize Golden Eye of Russia for the unique style.

Elena's collection has more than 3000 photos. In 2008 a photo album book "The Mirror" was published with Elena's photos.

Her photographs are exhibited in popular photo museums and purchased for private collections.

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