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In Pho­to Mün­sin­gen offers a comprehensive workshop program with experienced workshop leaders. From animal, landscape, wedding and portrait to nude photography, everything is included. Expand your knowledge! Secure your place online from Tuesday, April 19, 20 p.m.!

Here is the overview of the 22 photo workshops at Photo Münsingen 2022:

Wedding and portrait photography

For (prospective) wedding photographers, Felix Peter is offering photo workshops this year on the topics of the Wedding preparations as well as to Bridal couple photo shoot. Roman Zehnder is about expressive Portrait shots with little equipment, over effective portrait shots speaks Martin Zurmühle.

Models unusually staged

«Sandblast» with Felix Peter as well "Fitness model - explosively photographed" with Christoph Ris are two of this year's workshops on the special staging of models. Christoph Ris also offers three courses on nude photography: «Nude photography with candlelight», «Erotic moving pictures» and «Nude photography lowkey with two models».

Get out into nature

Learn from Lo­renz An­dre­as Fi­scher more about the art of wildlife photography. Become an artist of landscape. Or experience with Stefan Zürrer Landscape photography by the water.

The factors for a good picture

Anyone who would like to know something about the factors that make a good picture is in the Juror course by Martin Zurmühle correctly. Zurmühle also leads the workshops "Laws of Light" and «Perceptual differences eye/camera».

Technology, image processing and light painting

Jost von Allmen speaks at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2022 over Fine art printing, Black and white photography and digital medium format. In the two Lightroom courses of Lo­renz An­dre­as Fi­scher learn more about image editing and management. Finally, Bruno Kneubühler leads with two workshops Light painting .

By the way: also for multivision 'Totally crazy - with the two-wheeler to the North Cape' of An­dre­as Zim­mer­mann Reservations can be made free of charge from Tuesday, April 19 at 20 p.m.


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