Updated: The online training courses from our sponsors

In times when on-site training is not possible, our offer Sponsors Online training opportunities. Here are some examples:

With the access code TUTORIAL-4-YOU you can as Pho­to Mün­sin­gen vir­tu­ell Visitor to the Online tutorial portrait photography Visit for free with Krolop & Gerst worth CHF 39. All aspects of portrait photography are dealt with in six extensive chapters.

Im Photo etiquette landscape photography are Martin Mägli 12 tips to make your landscape photos special. Markus Mägli presented at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2015 his fascinating landscapes in the flower house.

Zumstein Foto Video continuously offers online photo courses on interesting topics for beginners to professionals.

Bookfactory also has the page on their website inspiration activated. Here you will find a wealth of tips, information and tutorials on everything to do with photography, designing photo books and presenting the pictures.

Photo workshops by Christoph Ris - instructive, inspiring, exciting

Exactly the right start after the lockdown: Christoph Ris, photo workshop manager from the very beginning of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen, starts his inspiring workshops again in small groups.

Instead of the canceled Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Christoph now gives his seminars in BAG-compliant small groups. So you can benefit even more from the great know-how and interaction. Various topics are on the program. At the driveway, for example Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Special «Noir». Or the meditative landscape photography ... And many more!

To the workshops or Impressions of previous courses ...

FineArt printing for beginners - online workshop with Jost von Allmen

“It's easier than ever to take great photos today. Thanks to the current, highly developed camera systems, the technical prerequisites have never been so good, and photography enthusiasts have never had so many options. But what do we do with the beautiful pictures. "

This says Jost von Allmen. He has been giving photo workshops at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen. The lockdown also banished him to the home office.

Together with Photo Zumstein, he offers several Online training for fine art printing for beginners at. Take the opportunity to enter the world of FineArt-Print with Jost von Allmen and create unique presentations from your digital recordings.

Learning material from the Cap Photo School

The Cap Fotoschule, which is the sponsor of Photo Münsingen, shares selected learning content free of charge during the Corona crisis.

For example, a video on photojournalism, a PDF on literal aspects or a tutorial on portrait photography with just one light source are available.

To the free learning material ...

Video tutorials «MOTIVATED at home»

Philipp Dubs from photomundo has already conducted several photo workshops at Photo Münsingen. He looks after the children for his partner during the Corona period so that she can work as a doctor. His partner Renato Gerussi (he is part of the photomundo photo team) provides suggestions for photography in short videos under the motto "MOTIVATED at home".

In “Photographing a wristwatch”, the audience learns why the time 10:08:36 is so important:


In the video «Taking pictures with flashlights» Gerussie shows how objects can be photographed free-floating:


The third part, "Unexpected Views", is about how everyday objects are used for creative and impressive shots:

Caught at home

In the video cycle «Caught at home" shows "Photo video Zumstein", one of Main sponsors Photo Münsingen, what can be photographed at home in times of Corona. It will be demonstrated how amazing effects can be achieved with plants and fruits. If available, flashes or collapsible reflectors are used. However, these can also be replaced by existing household items.

Children are currently at home more often than usual. With a little imagination and a camera, an entertaining time can be spent together. Be it when “painting with light” or when the children are allowed to take photos themselves.

Every modern photo camera is also a film camera. In the so far last episode “Movie Edition” the important points for filming are shown. These are camera settings, use of the light sources, use of the gray filter, generation of movement, use of the necessary material and the editing software. The often expensive components for production can be replaced by everyday aids.

Photo video Zumstein AG, Bern, has also recorded a whole series of crash courses on photography and valuable tips on interesting topics in short videos. They inspire and motivate you to try it yourself: https://vimeo.com/zumstein