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Updated: The online training courses from our sponsors

During times when on-site training is not available, our sponsors offer online training opportunities. Here are some examples: With the access code TUTORIAL-4-YOU, as a Photo Münsingen virtual visitor, you can visit the online tutorial portrait photography with Krolop & Gerst worth CHF 39.- for free. All aspects of portrait photography are dealt with in six extensive chapters. In the […]

A photo journey after the Corona crisis

Hard to imagine at the moment, but there will also be a time after Corona. Rolf Gemperle exhibited panorama photos of the Sahara at Photo Münsingen 2010. He was also the leader of several photo workshops at Photo Münsingen with a focus on panoramic photography. In the photo tour from May 14th to 28th, 2021, he and his local partner offer the […]

Caught at home

In the video cycle "Caught at Home", "Foto Video Zumstein", one of the main sponsors of Photo Münsingen, shows what can be photographed at home in times of Corona. It will be demonstrated how amazing effects can be achieved with plants and fruits. If available, flashes or collapsible reflectors are used. However, these can also be replaced by existing items in the household [...]

Christian Bobst and Adrian Moser are winners of the "swiss press award 2020"

As part of the "swiss press award 2020", Christian Bobst won in the "Category Abroad 2020" and Adrian Moser in the "Category Everyday Life 2020". Both photographers exhibited at Photo Münsingen 2019 on the subject of "press photography", held lectures and conducted guided tours. Photo Münsingen congratulates the winners. Video contribution "The gentle power of Islam" by Christian Bobst: Video contribution [...]

up and away

Ueli Wälti, one of the founding fathers of Photo Münsingen, is presenting an exhibition for his 70th birthday. Under the theme 'up and away', 60 photographers associated with Photo Münsingen will be exhibiting pictures from trips around the world. Exhibition in the Schlossgutsaal Münsingen: Friday, September 23, 2016, 10 a.m. – 21 p.m. Saturday, September 24, 2016, […]

3152 kilometers on foot with the shopping cart through down under

GLOBAL AV-Productions has been a sponsor of Photo Münsingen for a long time. Christian Zimmermann (the «Trolley Man»), one of the two brothers who run this company, has a very special project this summer: he wants to walk the Stuart Highway (the north-south connection in Australia) with a shopping trolley. He has been on the road since the end of May 2016; follow this unique, ambitious project under the […]

A very special cake

Many helpers work in the background for the “Photo Café” and make fine cakes and pastries. The Solothurn Photo Club provided us with a very special cake. Thank you very much! 

Passion for "historical photography"

Peter Michels and Nadine Reding share a passion for historical photography. The two got to know each other during a discussion on a social media portal. After an intensive exchange, they began to intensify their cooperation. Peter Michel's artistic passion lies in photography with historical techniques. He has written a textbook on wet plate technology; 'The collodion' is now the [...]

Planet of the Sparrows

It is the wild animal that comes closest to humans and yet never became a pet. House sparrows colonize cities around the world. Be it the Cham el-Chalili (one of the oldest markets in the world) in Cairo, the Notre Dame in Paris or a traffic light high above Broadway in New York; they are at home everywhere. The […]