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Photo workshops 2024: musician portraits, dance and street beats

Around 30 Photo workshops This year there are again plenty of opportunities to educate yourself on a wide variety of topics. The pre-sale has started.

In the workshops of Christoph Ris and Felix Peter Musicians and dancers are models. For example, a professional drummer in the middle of the city is the subject of exciting street photography. The studio is about dramatic portraits of musicians, nude photography with instruments or uniquely staged dancers. Christian Hildebrand has a tango couple available for contrasting mood images.

Discount for teenagers

Workshop participants up to the age of 25 now receive a 50 percent discount on the course fee!

In particular Youth workshop by Moira Müller and Remo Zehnder, young people portray each other before Photo Münsingen. They also address the question, “How do we see others and how do others see us?” Your pictures will be exhibited in the Spycher youth center.

Landscape, night and plants

It's about the art of landscape photography, night and star photos as well as plant photography Lorenz Andreas Fischer. Offers a special course for landscape photography on the water Stefan Zurrer.

Remo Zehnder introduces analog photography, but also shows how negatives and slides can be digitized with a digital camera or how images can be created with a smartphone. Jost von Allmen brings order to the chaos of Lightroom and talks about digital black and white photography.

Light, colors, image effect

Miriam Bennouna Finally, the secrets of image creation and the influence of colors are conveyed. In the light painting workshop, surreal images are created without any composing in post-production. And in the 'Still Life' course, the workshop leader gives an insight into modern still life photography.

By the way: also for him Multimedia lecture “The Art of Transformation” by Hannes Schmid and that Concert “Pictures at an Exhibition” Free reservations are possible from Tuesday, April 2nd.

Photo Münsingen 2024: Music in focus

The theme of “Music” is at the center of Photo Münsingen 2024: the competition for photo clubs and eleven of the 27 exhibitions are dedicated to it. You can see, among other things, rock stars, Elvis impersonators, the inner workings of musical instruments and an interpretation of the work “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky. Let's take a first look at a program full of music photography!

First there is the concert photography: the well-known Swiss photographer Hannes Schmid photographed rock stars on and off stage in the 1980s. In Münsingen he shows a selection of his photographs. They not only show well-known figures, but also capture the cultural changes and gender dynamics of this time.

“Emotions on Stage” is the name of the concert photographer’s exhibition Nicole Rötheli. She is present with the camera when musicians like Hecht, Stress or Stefanie Heinzmann perform. Grant emotional looks in blues and jazz clubs Wolf-Peter Steinheisser and Vicenç Semper.

Dance, instruments and Elvis

Axel Brand focuses on the elegance of dancers in his fine art black and white photography. Charles Brooks In “Architecture in Music” he takes a fascinating look at instruments from the inside.

Graeme Oxby documents the subculture of Elvis impersonators and their stories. Students of the CAP photography school photographed on the topic of “sound colors”.

Mussorgsky reinterpreted

Two special projects make the connection between music and photography directly tangible. Seraina Marchal was commissioned to create photos for the musical piece “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky. Mussorgsky composed his piano cycle in 1874 to match paintings and drawings. 150 years later, Seraina Marchal took the opposite approach for Photo Münsingen and was inspired by Mussorgsky's work. Your images will be projected alongside a piano concert played live by the pianist Martin Klopfenstein and will then be exhibited.

The versatile instrumentalist does it the other way around Wieslaw Pipczynski. He will improvise live on four series of images. Members of various photography clubs submitted the images.

The work of the photo clubs

The central component of Photo Münsingen is the competition for photo clubs. 52 photo clubs from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries took photos on the topic of “Music” and competed with their tableaux in the coveted competition «Photo Muensingen Award». These are being carried out for the second time U25 Photo Challenge and the Photo Book Contest.

In the area of ​​club photography they represent Photo clubs from Münsingen, Riedisheim and Kirchzarten Images on the topic of “movement”. Photographers from Münsingen will also present their works on the topic “Electricity and heat”.

PHOTOSUISSE shows the best and award-winning pictures from the annual competition. The award ceremony for the «Swiss Photography Championship» by PHOTOSUISSE will again take place as part of Photo Münsingen.

Animals, places and society

Other photo exhibitions are dedicated to social phenomena: Petra Angela Imhof “Cyberized” explores the relationship between people and technology. Gerardo Garciacano shows street portraits of skiers and snowboarders. Oliver Stegmann takes a look behind the circus scenes in “Circus noir”.

Andrea Knechtle captures forgotten spaces and traces of past lives in “Vestiges – The End of Something”. Unexpected urban perspectives developed Manuel Giron. Romano P. Riedo presents Polaroid images with a special depth. Markus Eichenberger was impressed by the breathtaking starry sky in the Swiss Alps.

Lorenz Andreas Fischer shows animal portraits from Africa. And Karl Schuler After all, he was traveling in the realm of the snow leopards, where he ended up meeting them.

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Photo Münsingen also belong to this year audiovisual productions, Lectures, Photo workshops and – in keeping with the annual theme – musical performances. Take a look at our program now and mark the Ascension Days from May 9th to 12th, 2024 in bold on your agenda!