Photo Münsingen 2017 in the media

An excerpt from the media coverage of Photo Münsingen 2017:


Visitor competition: judge and win!

Visitors to Photo Münsingen can from the Exhibition of the photo clubs "A place to stay" in the castle estate hall determine your personal favorites. With a little luck you will win one of the great prizes from our sponsors.

1st prize: A Nikon camera with zoom lens worth CHF 1898.-

2nd prize: A FUJI camera with zoom lens worth CHF 1299.-

3rd prize: A travel voucher from Arrow Tours Münsingen worth CHF 500.-

4-6 Price: Photo book vouchers from CEWE

Challenge your luck and act as a jury. The drawing from all entries will take place on Sunday, May 25, 2017 at 16.00 p.m.


1st prize: Nikon camera with zoom lens worth CHF 1898.-


2nd prize. FUJI camera with zoom lens worth CHF 1299.-











Photo Münsingen Award 2017 - judging

“A place to stay” is the theme of the major photo club competition for the coveted “Photo Münsingen Award 2017”.
The photo clubs were able to give free rein to their creativity in the topic and the corresponding implementation. In a team work, the so-called tableau, up to five photographers present a maximum of 5 pictures (i.e. 1 picture / photographer).

On April 22, 2017, all tableaus of the 57 participating photo clubs judged by an expert jury. The jurors team with Alice Lautenschlager, Christian Koradi and Anton Riedo took a lot of time to evaluate the works according to the criteria of topic / effect, composition and technique and to formulate a small comment per tableau.

The jury mentioned the pleasingly broad choice of topics and the high technical quality of the images. The assessment of the tableau in which individual images fell slightly in relation to the overall quality of the entire work was demanding. The photo clubs will receive a more detailed jury comment and individual information on the occasion of the vernissage on May 24, 2017, during which the winner of the Photo Münsingen Award 2017 and the results of the other photo clubs will be announced.

Rudolf Mäusli, Head of Exhibitions

Surprise aux amis photographes francophones

Chers amis photographes

"Photo Münsingen" is incontestablement l'une des plus grandes manifestations photographique de Suisse.
Des photographes Suisses et internationaux y présentent leurs œuvres. De nombreux stages et des projection audiovisual enrichissent le program de cette rencontre photo située à proximité de Berne.

L'édition 2017, qui aura lieu du 25 au 28 may, réserve une belle surprise aux amis photographes francophones: plusieurs événements seront présentés en français en particulier le samedi 27 may:

11 am: Presentation "Work in progress" by Lea Lund and Erik K. Lieu: fire department‑k/

12 pm: Visite guidée de l'exposition "Snow Monkey" de Dorota & Bruno Sénéchal. Lieu: Schlossallee‑f/

13pm: Visit guidée de l'exposition "Le jazz au bout des doigts" de Sophie Le Roux. Lieu: Castle

14pm: Visite guidée de l'exposition "Tokyo.7" du Collectif SGP & JCB. Lieu: Retirement home Bärenmatte

16h: Presentation "La série photographique" by Jean-Christophe Béchet. Lieu: Bärenmatte retirement home

The visites guidées et les présentations sont gratuites.

Vendredi, May 26.05.2017, XNUMX:
9 am - 17 pm: Stage "Créer un" vrai "livre photo" by Jean-Christophe Béchet. Lieu: Bärenmatte retirement home.
Réservation à partir du 18.04.2017, 20pm à cette adresse

The nombreuses d'expositions et ainsi que des projections audiovisuelles sont au programme visible ici:

Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir à Photo Münsigen très prochainement.

Très cordialement
Rudolf Mäusli

The audio vision program and its creation

So about that 30 short audiovisual productions (AV), a full evening Live multivision and the Competition pictures of PHOTOSUISSE: that doesn't sound like a lot. And yet, also for the AV: after Photo Münsingen is before Photo Münsingen, and sometimes even: before the next one is also before the next but one Photo Münsingen - namely when important AV festivals take place so shortly before the driveway that the shows shown there can no longer be integrated into our program.

This addresses an important part of the work in the AV department: attending AV festivals. And because there are only two of them in Switzerland, that also means going abroad, evaluating shows, corresponding with the authors of the selected productions, technically checking the incoming files - and finally up to the copy deadline for the brochure Put together a meaningful program so that each of the 6 show blocks lasts between 20 and 25 minutes, has a reasonably meaningful dramaturgical structure, and the audience does not step back into the real world with an overly gloomy expression.

The latter in particular is sometimes a tough nut to crack, because humorous and at the same time well designed shows are not that common. In general, the combination of content and technical brilliance is anything but self-evident.

At first it seems a little easier to find large productions for Friday evening; Organizers such as Explora or Vivamos offer a wide selection. However, the really extraordinary speakers often demand corresponding fees, which are not always within our budget.

We found an ideal solution for the current year: our department colleague Urs Wohlwend will report on his trip to South America. It is entirely in the spirit of Photo Münsingen to build on their own resources, and when it comes to such a convincing and fascinating production, our decision was made quickly.

Well that Audio vision program 2017 and we now just hope that you like it and that we will be able to welcome you again in large numbers this year in the Füürwehrsaal.

Werner Hoffmann, Audio-Vision department

For the first time in Switzerland: René Groebli, NUDES

The famous770 web Swiss photographer René Groebli turns 90 this year. With his youthful vigor and great esprit, he realizes exhibitions and new illustrated books from his immense work worldwide. After the sensual series “The Eye of Love”, René Groebli now presents the «NUDES» exhibition. It will be shown for the first time in Switzerland at Photo Münsingen in the castle.

The artistic nudes were created over a period of more than fifty years and show the photographer's unique, clearly recognizable signature. With their coarse grain, the images convey a nostalgic, playful but timeless elegance.

René Groebli can be found in person at Photo Münsingen for guided tours and book signing:
Thursday, May 25th and Sunday, May 28th 2017, at 14.30 p.m. each time.

It takes that until a Photo Münsingen is ready

After the Photo Münsingen is before the Photo Münsingen. First, the print and electronic exhibitions are committed and distributed to the rooms and outdoor spaces. With René Groebli we were able to win the old master of Swiss photography for the second time for Photo Münsingen 2017. He will present the “NUDES” exhibition, which has never been seen in Switzerland before.

The heart of Photo Münsingen is again this year Competition among photo clubs. The theme of the current competition is: "A place to stay". This year 57 photo clubs from Germany and abroad are taking part in the competition. The preparations for the exhibition and the judging of the competition are in full swing.

Seminars and Lectures are another mainstay. They enable you to deepen photographic knowledge and skills. This year the diverse offer ranges from wedding photography with Felix Peter to photo reportage by Valérie Chételat.

The audiovisual productions are the third pillar of Photo Münsingen. The Brief reviews by international authors are put together in blocks of 30 minutes.

And how do we finance everything? The 18th edition also does not require entry. We are lucky with longtime sponsors and partners to work that appreciate the uniqueness of Photo Münsingen to come into contact with an interested audience. In addition to Nikon, CEWE and Zumstein Foto, Fujifilm will become the new main sponsor and will present the novelty of one at Photo Münsingen 2017 mirrorless medium format camera GFX 50S with 51,4 megapixels.

Further income comes from seminar fees, participation fees from the photo clubs, catering and donations from visitors.

In the end, Photo Münsingen only works through committed voluntary cooperation between the organizing committee, the departments and the more than 100 helpers.

Niklaus Messer, Sponsoring & PR Department

Photo club competition Photo Münsingen Award 2017

«A place to stay», In English« A place to linger »is the theme of the Photo Münsingen Award 2017 photo club competition that will take place next year.

"A place to stay" can be a place to live and work or a place that we like to visit for culture and leisure, be it outdoors in nature, in squares, in gardens and promenades or in shops and restaurants.

The photo clubs have already received detailed information on the 2017 photo club competition and the registration process. Interested photo clubs that have not received any documents can contact Rudolf Mäusli, President OK Photo Münsingen Report.