Photo Münsingen Award 2017 - judging

“A place to stay” is the theme of the major photo club competition for the coveted “Photo Münsingen Award 2017”.
The photo clubs were able to give free rein to their creativity in the topic and the corresponding implementation. In a team work, the so-called tableau, up to five photographers present a maximum of 5 pictures (i.e. 1 picture / photographer).

On April 22, 2017, all tableaus of the 57 participating photo clubs judged by an expert jury. The jurors team with Alice Lautenschlager, Christian Koradi and Anton Riedo took a lot of time to evaluate the works according to the criteria of topic / effect, composition and technique and to formulate a small comment per tableau.

The jury mentioned the pleasingly broad choice of topics and the high technical quality of the images. The assessment of the tableau in which individual images fell slightly in relation to the overall quality of the entire work was demanding. The photo clubs will receive a more detailed jury comment and individual information on the occasion of the vernissage on May 24, 2017, during which the winner of the Photo Münsingen Award 2017 and the results of the other photo clubs will be announced.

Rudolf Mäusli, Head of Exhibitions


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