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Planet of the Sparrows

It is the wild animal that comes closest to humans and yet never became a pet. House sparrows colonize cities around the world. Be it the Cham el-Chalili (one of the oldest markets in the world) in Cairo, the Notre Dame in Paris or a traffic light high above Broadway in New York; they are at home everywhere. However, the short-haul pilot would not have made the stretch across the sea to the Big Apple on its own; it was imported with cattle ships from Holland. The sparrow (old German for 'fidget') has even been declared an enemy of the people. Mao let this 'damned creature' (he supposedly ate people's rice) scare nationwide for three days until the last fell from the sky, in the end 2 billion birds were dead. As a result, pests took over and Russian tree sparrows were introduced had to ...

The exhibition "Sparrows»By Anton Riedo can be seen in the«Photo arena» the Photo Münsingen 2016.





Trailer for "The Green Roof of Europe"

What can you expect from the big Friday evening show «The green roof of Europe" from Berndt Fischer on May 6, 2016 at 19:00 p.m.? The following trailer gives you an impression of it ...

The man with the drone is back

It was already on display at Photo Münsingen 2015, and now it will be Michael Kohler also be present at the Photo Münsingen 2016. He leads with his colleague Chris Thomann from DRONE Factory two seminars. In it, the participants learn what types of drones there are, where flying is allowed, they learn to fly and at the end of the course are allowed to take the pictures and videos home with them.

Course 1: Friday, May 6, 2016, 14–17 p.m., Details

Course 2: Saturday, May 7th, 2016 9 am-12pm, Details

Here is a sample video of the 'Team BlackSheep':