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Camera Club Brown Boveri wins the club competition

The "Photo Münsingen Award 2018" goes to the CCBB Camera Club Brown Boveri. The photo club from Baden won over the jury in the competition on the subject of "Move" with the work "Damm".

62 photo clubs took part in the competition with their tableaus made up of a maximum of five images. "The judging was not easy, but we were pretty much in agreement on the top spots," said Lorenz Andreas Fischer at the vernissage. He, Susanna Brändli and Beat Mumenthaler judged the submitted pictures. The three experts evaluated the implementation of the competition theme "Move" in the areas of theme / effect, composition and technology.

The photo club Sense, the Fotofreunde Oberaargau, the Club d'activités photo de Meyrin, the Société Genevoise de Photographie and the photo club Rapperswil-Jona ranked two to six.

All 62 works are exhibited in the Schlossgutsaal during Photo Münsingen. There, visitors can judge the pictures and win great prizes: the winners will be drawn from all competition talons on Sunday, May 13th. You can win a camera from Nikon and a Fuji, a photo tripod from Zumstein and photo book vouchers from CEWE.

Countries, people, Instagram: the highlights of Photo Münsingen 2018

The construction of the exhibitions is in full swing, Photo Münsingen will open its doors in two days. A highlight of this 19th edition is the exhibition "Oh, Amiland!" by Henna and Arthur Honegger. During his time as America correspondent, the 10vor10 presenter photographed “America with a difference” together with his wife Henna.

Other photographers will also talk about countries and people at Photo Münsingen 2018. In the project "Alps" Lorenz Andreas Fischer explores alpine landscapes through the ages. Florian Spring shows in his exhibition "In the nest of the crocodiles" a reportage on an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea. Beat Mumenthaler gives insights into the souls of personalities in "Close to your soul". Ueli Bühler from Rubigen shows in "Fascination Iceland" grandiose landscapes.

One focus is the new Instagram photo medium. Nine successful Instagram photographers from Switzerland present pictures on various topics on the Schlossweg. Tobias Meyer alias @cosmokoala and the @ helvetic-collectiv invite you to Meet & Greet to the Spycher youth center. With a Panel discussion and a seminar on Instagram.

In the photo club competition, 62 teams are presenting their work on the topic this year "Move" out. There are surreal worlds in the exhibitions of Janine Machiedo (D) and Susanne Jung to discover. Daniel Rohr and Bruno Kneubühler create fascinating lighting strips, flashlights and fireworks "Light art".

This variety of exhibitions is complemented by numerous audio visions. A highlight here is Multivision "Brazil" from Dr. Heiko Beyer on Friday evening. In addition to around 25 seminars, Photo Münsingen also offers free lectures by exhibiting photographers and sponsors' photo experts. For example, visit 'The way to your own style' with Beat Mumenthaler, the public photo shoot with Christoph Ris or the lecture 'Oh Amiland!' by Henna and Arthur Honegger.

You will find opening times, directions and the brochure for Photo Münsingen 2018 here…

Photo club competition judged

62 tableaus with a maximum of five images - that's how many works the jurors Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Susanna Brändli and Beat Mumenthaler (left to right in the picture) had to judge. The winning tableau of the photo club competition is now determined. The winners of the coveted "Photo Münsingen Award 2018" will be announced at the vernissage on May 9th. All 62 works on the subject of "Move" will then be exhibited during Photo Münsingen in the Schlossgutsaal.

More information about the competition ...

Photo Münsingen Award 2019: The topic

“Short story” is the theme of the photo club competition for next year's Photo Münsingen in 2019. The photo clubs will receive detailed information on the 2019 competition and the registration process at the end of May 2018. Interested photo clubs who have not received any documents by then can contact Rudolf Mäusli, President OK Photo Münsingen.

Photo Münsingen Award 2017 - judging

“A place to stay” is the theme of the major photo club competition for the coveted “Photo Münsingen Award 2017”.
The photo clubs were able to give free rein to their creativity in the topic and the corresponding implementation. In a team work, the so-called tableau, up to five photographers present a maximum of 5 pictures (i.e. 1 picture / photographer).

On April 22, 2017, all tableaus of the 57 participating photo clubs judged by an expert jury. The jurors team with Alice Lautenschlager, Christian Koradi and Anton Riedo took a lot of time to evaluate the works according to the criteria of topic / effect, composition and technique and to formulate a small comment per tableau.

The jury mentioned the pleasingly broad choice of topics and the high technical quality of the images. The assessment of the tableau in which individual images fell slightly in relation to the overall quality of the entire work was demanding. The photo clubs will receive a more detailed jury comment and individual information on the occasion of the vernissage on May 24, 2017, during which the winner of the Photo Münsingen Award 2017 and the results of the other photo clubs will be announced.

Rudolf Mäusli, Head of Exhibitions

Photo club competition Photo Münsingen Award 2018

“MOVE”, in English “moving” or “movement” is the theme of the photo club competition for next year's Photo Münsingen in 2018.
“MOVE” means, among other things, moving, moving, moving, running, transporting, driving, touching, giving way, but also taking steps, actions, gambles and much more.
The photo clubs will receive detailed information about the 2018 competition and the registration process at the end of May 2017. Interested photo clubs who have not received any documents by then can contact Rudolf Mäusli, President OK Photo Münsingen Report.


Photo club competition Photo Münsingen Award 2017

«A place to stay», In English« A place to linger »is the theme of the Photo Münsingen Award 2017 photo club competition that will take place next year.

"A place to stay" can be a place to live and work or a place that we like to visit for culture and leisure, be it outdoors in nature, in squares, in gardens and promenades or in shops and restaurants.

The photo clubs have already received detailed information on the 2017 photo club competition and the registration process. Interested photo clubs that have not received any documents can contact Rudolf Mäusli, President OK Photo Münsingen Report.

Photo Münsingen in the media

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Photo Münsingen Award: Competition for photo clubs

At the center of Photo Münsingen is the Photo club competition “Photo Münsingen Award” on the topic of “energy”.

Since Photo Münsingen was first held in 2000, the club exhibitions in the Schlossgutsaal have been unmistakably characterized by the competitive presentations in black removable frames on perforated panels. With Photo Münsingen 2015, a completely new design concept was presented. This will also be used again in 2016. For the competition, the participating photo clubs have 50 templates to choose from for the optimal presentation of their works.

Be curious to see which club will win the coveted “Photo Münsingen Award 2016”.

By the way: As a visitor to Photo Münsingen, you can choose your favorite photos from the photo club work! You can win attractive prizes in the process.

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