René Groebli: Virtual tour

The Bildhalle Zurich is currently offering a virtual tour of the exhibition “The Magic Eye” by Réne Groebli. It includes the most important images from the book of the same name.

The photo book gathers a selection of images that covers a good half century of René Groebli's work and brings us closer to his broad photographic spectrum. It is a journalistic homage by the gallery owner and her gallery Bildhalle to the artist.

At Photo Münsingen, René Groebli had the touching series “The Eye of Love” in 2015 and the one in 2017 «Nudes» exhibition shown. The great Swiss photographer, with international awards and exhibitions, is still active at the age of 92.

To the virtual exhibition of the Bildhalle ...

Image: © René Groebli, Beryl Chen, Dance with cigarette, No. 281, London, 1953, Courtesy of Bildhalle


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